About Rugi

Rugi Jalloh, in her role as Owner and CEO of Majak, provides general leadership of the company and charts its strategic direction. She has a Master of Human Ecology and a Master of Environmental Studies with a specialization in environmental management. Her Certification in Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution has been essential in a number of situations related to the implementation of environmental protection in areas such as policies, standards, consultation, and best management practices. Among the number of training programs completed include Mine Water Remediation, Contaminated Site Remediation and Indigenous/Aboriginal consultation to name a few. Rugi, with her 16-year experience in environmental management, has completed numerous environmental assessments, restoration projects, online training, and Indigenous/Aboriginal consultations. She provides advice to clients and/or partners in the reclamation of mined sites and remediation of contaminated sites, pollution prevention, protection of fish and fish habitat. Rugi provides training to the mining and Agricultural industry in conflict and stakeholder management, community and/or Indigenous engagement and consultations.