MAJAK Environmental Management Consultancy is registered in Nova Scotia, Canada where the main office is located; and in Freetown, Sierra Leone. MAJAK was founded in 2013 out of a need to provide tailored environmental protection services to governments and institutions in the West African sub region, North and South America; and Europe. MAJAK works with private, public institutions and civil society to help them adopt environmental protection best management practices with the view to minimizing their ecological footprints on the environment. MAJAK has extended its business plan to include developing online courses for learning institutions. MAJAK also collaborates with the “Sustenable Institute for Industrial Sustainability Training and Solutions”, and enable the transfer of knowledge, support sustainable industries through the integration of green technologies, resource efficiency, sustainability strategies, capability building programs and more. Our team of seasoned and highly trained environmental protection professionals work with all stakeholders to ensure our goal of preserving the environment for future generation is attained. 


What We Do

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The Team

Ms. Rugi Jalloh, MHE., MES.


Rugi Jalloh, in her role as Owner and Senior Environmental Analyst, she provides general leadership of the company and charts its strategic direction. She has a Master of Human Ecology and a Master of Environmental Studies with a specialization in environmental management. Rugi, with her 15-year experience in environmental management, has completed numerous environmental assessments, restoration projects and contaminated site remediation. 

Ms. Christine Anne Smith, BSc., MES


Ms. Smith has 22 years of experience in the environmental research and education field and 14 years of experience in environmental consultation and management of environmental projects including environmental management systems for business, environmental health policy, contaminated site clean-up, and developing chemical awareness and learning initiatives for both the private sector and within government. 

Mr. Archan Dabadi, PGeo, MSc.

Mr. Dabadi has ten years of experience in the field of geology and mining. He is skilled and trained in evaluation, preparation and execution of initial environmental examination and environmental impact assessments  Mr. Dabadi also specialises in Geological, Hydrographic, and Convectional Surveying; Design and Drafting; GIS Software; Programming C, C++, Visual Basic; JAVA, Oracle 8.1; Operating Software; MS Dos, MS Windows and Unix. 

Ms. Amie Kona Diaby, BSc., MBA.

Ms. Diaby has 25 years of experience in Accounting and Finance and 5 years in administration. Experienced in the preparation of financial statements for external auditors, managing and controlling of project accounts, control of funds and cash flow. Also, experienced in producing annual budgets, budgetary monitoring and controls and ensures that variance are investigated, check the accuracy of the monthly reports and manage reports and also check the accuracy of bank reconciliations. 

Collaborative Arrangements


Sustenable Institute for Industrial Sustainability Training and Solutions. A company that has been incorporated to connect Canadian expertise (academia and government) with Latin-American and African industry/government/academia for sustainability-related training programs and projects.

Collaborative Arrangements

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.