Cape Breton University

Developed and coordinated an online course entitled “Sustainability in Site Remediation Course – Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada” The course aimed to introduce first-year Engineering students at Cape Breton University to innovative applications of remediation technology processes with an emphasis on former industrial and mining site clean-up, rehabilitation and restoration. The course focused on case study analyses of remediation efforts associated with cessation of over 300-years of coal mining in Cape Breton, the Sydney Tar Ponds Remediation Project and Remediation of the Sysco Properties.

Facilitated online training to a group of professionals representing the mining industry in Latin America (Peru, Columbia, Equator). Participants include engineers, geologists, and the environmental management team. The training was Canadian and international lessons learned and will examine better practices, tools and strategies that allow stakeholders within the industry to build synergies aimed at harnessing and managing their natural resources while minimizing socio-environmental conflicts. Some of the sessions include:

  • Role and Importance of Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Community Engagement in Mining Communities
  • Public Engagement and Consultation Processes in Mining Communities
  • Conflict Resolution and Stakeholder Management in the Mining Industry: An International Perspective

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